Rail Trail  (Yellow Trail)

The Rail Trail  begins (Y01) just behind the U-Store-It buildings next to the cemetery on Bruce Ave. The closest parking would be on Mahood-Johnston Dr.
Follow the former  railway bed beside the cemetery. The smooth stone dust trail passes 200 recently planted seedlings and leads to the old railway trestle. You are now entering the best bird watching area in the Municipality. If you were to continue on, the former rail line will exit at Highway 21.
Turn left after the trestle (Y02) and take the three loop trail through the forest between the cemetery and the lagoons.
Near the cemetery side pass around the end of the fence, (Y04),  and continue behind the ball diamonds. Keeping to the right the trail then meanders beside a marshy area leading to Kincardine Ave. Using the small bridge cross the road (Y09) and continue north on the Adelaide St. extension.

This will lead to a bushy area and bridge. Cross the river and continue to Kincardine Ave. Walking east on Kincardine Ave you will find the Valley Trail (Green Trail) (G16) on the north side past the brick pump house just before a driveway. If you get to Fraser Dr. you have gone too far.

Adelaide Street Bridge 

Rail Trail Map
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GPS waypoints of the Rail Trail
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