Davidson Trail  (Blue Trail)

The Davidson Trails can be accessed from various points. Good parking can be found at the Davidson Centre. If you are walking on Durham St. the trail begins just east of the bridge (B12). Walk around the gate and beyond the playing fields into the woods at the bottom of the hill (B14). .


Follow the trail beside the Penetangore River until you get to (B09)
The trail to the right goes up a moderate hill and splits into many interesting loops. Ultimately you will exit at various places behind the Davidson Centre.
Continuing along the rivers edge the trail will split into a loop at (B15) and come together again at (B16).


Between (B15) and (B16) on the easterly loop you will find some interesting 'catwalks' made from the limbs of fallen trees. Follow the trail being careful of the narrow places until you come to a gravel roadway. Walking up the roadway will take you to the water tower and Davidson Centre.
Map of Davidson Trail
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GPS Waypoint of Davidson Trail
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